Spa Laaroussa

We offer you a private spa experience, with authentic hammam and relaxing massages. The hammam is a long-standing Moroccan tradition. Our hammam is an authentic Moroccan stream room decorated with Carrara marble. You will be bathed by professional therapists and receive an aromatic body scrub and ghassoul facial mask.

Following a rest, continue to our massage area where you will receive a traditional relaxing massage with essential oils in a soothing ambiance with candles, quiet music and pleasing aromas.

The spa is open every day from noon to 8pm. Spa Laaroussa treats up to 2 persons at the same time with appointments at noon, 2pm, 4pm and 6pm. We welcome men and women during the same session.

Let us know which time is convenient for you and which services you wish to reserve.

For the hammam, we provide disposable underwear, though you are welcome to wear your own or bring a swimsuit bottom.

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